This site documents a series of conversations we had with shop owners and employees along this stretch of Camden High Street, on the 13th March, starting at Innverness Street Market and finishing in Regents Canal. We asked 3 questions; what makes Camden High Street Special, What change have you seen working here, and what would you want to see change, or not change...
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What I miss about the High Street is that with new stores popping up, you can’t barter, the sense of community is not what it used to be. 

The main problem I see in Camden town today is that there are too many shops selling the same thing. Many of these shops have closed down.

I’ve been working here for 9 years. The little shops are what made camden to begin with. The same things don’t sell anymore, and little shops can’t sustain themselves anymore. That’s why there are so many new chain stores popping up.

The stable market is gone, as well as a market next to the bridge. Apparently they are building a new market though.  

I hate Camden. I can’t say anything about Camden, I hate it. 

My favourite thing about High Street is Amorino Gelato! 
Everything is new. Camden doesn’t need anything new

The chicken and punks!

I’m busy. Ask for Roxanna, 3 doors down.

I’ve been working here for 5 years. There’s no tourists anymore, after Brexit, business has been bad. Most of our tourists now come from Australia, America and New Zealand. 

What do I like about Camden? I don’t like it. I only work here. In the morning, it smells like weed. That’s not how you should live. It’s not for me, I just come to work and go home. It’s for the people who come here and live here. It’s not pleasant. 

I’ve only been working here for 3 months. My favourite thing about Camden I would say is the new market, with the Amy Winehouse sculpture. 

Favourite thing would have to be the Oxford Arms. We go after work.

The music culture is my favourite thing. I used to come here many years ago. It used to be much more alternative. Little shops are what made Camden to begin with. Camden now looks a lot more like high street fashion.

I work here but I don’t hang around here. My least favourite thing is how hard it is to walk. It gets very congested. Only good thing about corona I guess!

The older version of Camden High street was really nice. Renovations are good, but only up to a limit. If you want something fancy, go to Oxford Street! 

What I like the most is the freedom to be yourself. When I was  working in the luxury hospitality sector, you had to behave  a certain way, and here I can express myself freely. My least favourite thing is similar to favourite, some people don’t have any manners! 

Because of Coronavirus, no one is coming. 90% of our customers are tourists. They are scared. We only made £15 today. Rent is already too high. I’m not going to open now. I used to have 4 people working. Now I’m the only one. I’ve spoken to the council, I need help!

I’ve been working here for 15 years. Most things nowadays sell online now. The only advantage for souvenirs is that people buy them when they are visiting, so it’s one of the few products that still sell on the streets. 

Camden Market has changed, The market next to the bridge, they are changing that as well. They’re planning to change some new shops on the high street. I don’t want that to change. 

I would say keep things the same, but of course that’s not how things work. 

*points at running police* - That’s Camden!

My favourite thing about Camden is the decorations. I’ve worked here for 8 years. The market next to the bridge is being rebuilt, and the canal market is closed, as well as the stable market, which has been replaced by more upmarket establishments.